Best Vocabulary App 2023 🏆
Best Vocabulary Builder App in 2023 🏆

Learn English words

3x faster without forgetting with confidence like a native

Practice and memorize your vocabulary with tailored exercises built by cutting-edge AI technology

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    The core pillars of our platform

    Learn words in context

    Your words will craft engaging stories, conversations, scientific articles, news and more. Tailor the text by choosing your language proficiency, tone, or preferred topic.

    Powerful memory strategy

    Our algorithm monitors your usage and recommends words based on your previous translations, test failures, delays in responses, etc.

    Prioritized Matters

    We focus on teaching important words: starting with ones used a lot, helping with idioms and phrasal verbs, and finally, guiding you to speak like a native.

    Imagine learning more than 800 new words per month, just by using LangPilot for 20 minutes a day!

    How exactly LangPilot works?

    Add words you want

    Also you can pick words from our ready-to-go vocabularies or import hundrets of words from another services like Quizlet, Memrise, Anki...

    STEP 1

    Choose topic of text

    Your words will be used to create an interesting story, conversation, poem, or scientific article, whatever you are interested in.

    STEP 2
    Build-in AI dictionary

    AI does everything

    Our incredible AI-dictionary generates images, pronunciation audio, usage examples, synonyms, explanations, and much more for ANY word or phrase you will add! Let us automate your routine.

    Classic Word Execercises

    Our unique approach uses AI to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in real-time. You'll get personalized exercises targeted at the specific words you struggle with, helping you learn and improve more efficiently.


    Learn new words and how to use them.

    Word - Listening

    Listen and identify spoken words with various accents.

    Word - Defenition

    Match words with their correct meanings.

    Visual cards

    Connect pictures and animations with the right words.

    Word - Translation

    Choose correct translations for words from the list.

    Mixed practice

    Combine all exercises for better learning.

    Focus on what you want

    Boost vocabulary for specific purpose

    Identify where you're stuck in your learning precisely. Our dictionaries will speed up your progress towards your goals.

    • English Exams Preparation TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, SAT, ACT, gMAT
    • Business English Job Interview, Effective Meeting Vocabulary, Public Speaking, Negotiation Nuances
    • Beginner's Corner Top 100 Phrasal Verbs, Essential Vocabulary for Starters, Idioms for Everyday Conversations
    Customer Testimonials

    We love our users and they love us

    The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

    I moved to France for my studies, and my French was far from perfect. I decided to give LangPilot a try, and it's been a game-changer. The AI-generated texts made the learning process fun, and the Memory Aid feature ensured I didn't forget the words I struggled with. After just 4 months of using LangPilot, I aced my university's French proficiency exam, scoring an impressive 92%! I couldn't have done it without LangPilot.


    Student, Poland

    I've always struggled with English, but LangPilot changed everything for me. Within just 3 months of using the app, I saw a 50% increase in my vocabulary! The AI-created texts were tailored to my interests, which made learning so much more engaging. My favorite feature is the Memory Aid, which helped me remember words I'd previously forgotten. Now, I can confidently communicate with my international colleagues at work. Thank you, LangPilot

    Julie Kyle


    I'm an Indian entrepreneur who frequently travels to Germany for business. I needed to improve my German, and LangPilot was the perfect solution. The app's AI-generated texts were adapted to my business context, making it easier to learn relevant vocabulary. I also loved the flexibility to add my own words. After 5 months with LangPilot, I now negotiate contracts and network confidently in German. It's truly the best vocabulary learning app!

    Brendan Buck


    Traveling around the world and blogging about my experiences is my passion. However, the language barrier was a significant challenge, especially in non-English speaking countries. LangPilot revolutionized how I learn languages. It offered AI-generated texts based on travel and culture, making the learning process incredibly relevant and fun.. Thanks to LangPilot, I've improved my Spanish and French.

    James Ellis

    Content Designer and Traveler

    Being a multilingual enthusiast, I've tried many language learning apps, but none can compare to LangPilot. I've used it to learn English, Italian, and now I'm working on my Spanish. The AI-generated texts are always interesting and engaging, and the Memory Aid helps me retain the words I struggle with. I'm amazed at how quickly I've progressed in each language. LangPilot is a must-have for anyone serious about language learning!

    Anna Velnichenko

    Marketing Manager

    As a research scientist, my goal was to improve my English for better access to scientific literature and international conferences. LangPilot's AI-generated texts tailored to scientific topics have been invaluable. Within three months, my reading comprehension improved dramatically, and I successfully presented my research at an international conference in English. I highly recommend it to fellow academics.

    Stefan Ball

    Research Scientist